Classical Hatha yoga and meditation classes, yoga for people living with canceryoga for healthy lower backs, and specialist yoga classes for women - including pregnancy yoga and post natal yoga - in Bristol and Stroud, with Frankie Duggan. Yoga is a highly practical system designed to bring greater balance and harmony into everyday life. By working with the body, using the breath consciously, and learning to observe our mental and emotional responses, we gradually become more at ease with ourselves and with the world around us.

I first came to yoga as a student, looking for ways of coping with exam stress, and quickly realised that I had found much more! I was lucky to have a teacher who inspired me with her joyous and open approach to the vast subject that is yoga. After class, I left with a sense of physical well-being and connection with my body, and I also found that I felt more in touch with myself at a deeper level, and more at peace with the world around me. I have continued to discover in yoga a deeply nourishing and resourcing practice, which has helped me through many changes in my life - not least becoming a mother, and the death of my own mother. To get on my mat each day is not always easy, but it consistently rewards me with a sense of space and connection with myself, and the possibility of taking this out into my daily life.

I trained to be a teacher in 1999-2000, with Swami Vedantananda Saraswati, and have been teaching weekly classes ever since. I have teaching diplomas from the British Wheel of Yoga, Bihar School of Yoga, and from Birthlight, which specialises in teaching yoga to pregnant and postnatal women. More recently, I have trained to teach yoga to people living with cancer, and as a teacher of the specialist Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs Course. I have also co-trained on teacher training courses, and am an assessor of new yoga teachers.

I teach classical hatha yoga in Bristol and Stroud. These are integral, wholistic classes, which include a balance of asana (posture work), pranayama (techniques which use the breath), and yoga nidra (deep relaxation), or meditation.

I am lucky to have a beautiful yoga studio in Stroud, and from here I also offer workshops and longer sessions at weekends, dedicated meditation classes, a weekly yoga class just for women, and a Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs class. Birth preparation sessions, workplace sessions, One-to-ones, and mentoring support for new teachers are available on request.

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