Yoga and Chronic Pain

Yoga and Chronic Pain  

Chronic pain is the most burdensome health issue we face, but our understanding of pain is improving all the time. The good news is that the body and brain are adaptable, and will change if we train them. Quality movement, practised in an attentive way and in a supportive environment, is known to be one of the best ways of doing this.   

I have been offering a specialist back class for several years now, and am broadening this to include anyone with chronic non-specific pain eg low back pain, neck pain.  Pain science has evolved really significantly over the past decade or so, and the evidence consistently shows that therapeutic movement, alongside education and knowledge (so we understand the physiology of pain) are the cornerstones of managing and recovering from chronic pain.
This class is suitable for anyone interested in using yoga to help resolve chronic or persistent pain and return to normal life, by reducing anxiety (through understanding more about your pain), and by giving you the confidence to start moving again, and to relax.  

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"I very much enjoyed your gentle and clear way of teaching, and I feel I benefitted a lot from doing the course." (Anne)


Yoga for Chronic Pain - 10 week course

A specialist weekly class for people with chronic, non-specific pain eg back pain. This is a gentle, simple and supportive class, using movement alongside education.  You will learn a progressive series of posture sequences for healing, pain prevention, and to get you moving confidently again. It is suitable for beginners and experienced students alike. 

This website is fabulous - tame the beast.  It explains persistent pain, why we get it, and how to manage it more effectively.  Lots of resources, and reassuring information.  Pain science has evolved enormously in the last decade or so, and one of its findings is that understanding pain - as well as being able to use this knowledge - is a really good way of relieving it.

See the classes and courses page for details of current Yoga for chronic pain class in Stroud.

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Top-up classes

If you have done the 12-week Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs course and would like some on-going support for home practice, come to a top up session to re-inspire you.  These are £12 each, or £30 for 3.  Contact me ahead of the session you would like to attend, to check there is space.  

See the classes and courses page for details of current yoga for backs classes in Stroud.

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