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Friends of Frankie

The British Wheel of Yoga (BWY) is the National Governing Body for Yoga in the UK, and has been recognised as such by the Central Council for Physical Recreation (CCPR) and Sport England since 1993. My teacher training course was accredited by the BWY, and they are the providers of my insurance.

Regional arm of the British Wheel, with details of classes and courses in the South West.

Openmind.ed – a Bristol based charity
I am delighted to have become an associate member of this small Bristol-based charity, working to improve the mental health of young people and their teachers in schools, and with medical students at Bristol University – through yoga and breathwork, and reflective practice.

Big Shakti
I have completed a number of on-line courses with Big Shakti, who are based in Australia, and dedicated to teaching techniques and meditations to promote authentic inner experience. One of these was a Yoga Tantra Advanced Study Group – an in-depth study of chakras, mantras and yantras, using principles from both Eastern and Western psychological as approaches to self-development. I am currently part of a year long group, studying Light on the Chakras and Kundalini, a wonderful in-depth course with other dedicated students and fantastic teaching.

Charlotte Watts
I have completed Charlotte’s Course – Yoga and Somatics for Healing and Recovery – which explores the effects of modern stress and trauma on our systems, and how a sensitive practice of yoga and somatics can help, on and off the mat.

Bones for Life – Movement Intelligence
This is a programme of strengthening bone through natural movement and weight-bearing postures, and is the result of a life time of research carried out by Ruthy Alon, a somatic pioneer and student of Moshe Feldenkrais.  It is part of her “Movement Intelligence” body of work.
I am a certified “Bones for Life” teacher, having completed my training with Marye Wyvill in 2020.

Pete BlackabyIntelligent Yoga
In 2108-19, and again in 2020 I studied on a 9-month long course with Peter Blackaby, who brings a modern perspective to the practice of yoga, in a deeply thoughtful and enjoyable way. 

Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs Institute
Accredited by BWY as a Recognised Centre of Excellence for Training and Standards. I trained to teach yoga for healthy lower backs in 2015 with Alison Trewhela, who designed this specialist programme.

Swami Pragyamurti
Another hugely experienced and inspirational woman, who for many years taught and practised yoga in London. I have been on many day and weekend courses with her, and in 2014 I completed her specialist Meditation Course – a year long course for yoga teachers to deepen their own meditation practice, and to improve their meditation teaching skills. 

Julie Friedeberger
Julie used to run the specialist BWY Module, Yoga for People living with Cancer. I trained with her in 2013.

Swami Vedantananda
I trained to be a yoga teacher with the hugely experienced, wonderful, warm and light-hearted Swami Vedantananda in London in 1999-2000.

Birthlight provides internationally acclaimed training for yoga teachers and promotes an integrated, holistic approach to pregnancy, birth, and the postnatal period. I trained with its founder, Francoise Freedman, in 2004, to teach perinatal yoga (yoga for the pre and postnatal period).

I have also trained to teach yoga to mums and babies, family yoga, yoga for the eary years period, and well woman yoga therapy (also known as womb yoga) with Uma of Yoni Shakti Yoga Therapy.

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