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Yoga and Cancer

How can yoga help? Yoga is an integrated system for helping us maintain or restore balance on all levels: body, mind, energy, heart, and spirit.

When a serious illness, chronic pain, or other life change has disturbed this balance, a regular practice of yoga can help in a number of ways:
Gentle physical postures – help increase energy levels, improve functioning of bodily systems, and to remove toxic waste.
Breathwork – helps improve breathing which, in turn, helps release tension.
Relaxation – soothes the nervous system.
Meditation – helps to manage fear and anxiety, and to develop an ability to come to terms with the difficult experiences of life.

How are classes suitable for someone with cancer?

You may have had a recent diagnosis, be undergoing or recovering from treatment, adapting to a life that is no longer the same, or preparing for death. Depending on your state of health, you might prefer either to book one or more individual sessions, to take place in your home, at a hospice, or from my studio, and tailored to meet your needs, or to come/continue coming to a weekly class.

There are essentially three components to a yoga session with me: body work, breath work, and some sort of quieter practice such as a relaxation or meditation practice (you could think of this as “mind work”) to finish. I aim to provide a safe and welcoming space and to offer techniques which help us to acknowledge and accept things as they are, and so to be free to live life fully and consciously in the present.

Contact me for more details, or to book a session.

“I have enormous respect for your work and the integrity and humour you bring to it. Likewise what you have brought to my inner world at home has been invaluable.” Lucy

“Lucy really valued your work and the support you offered her during her illness and before. It was a really important part of her journey and supported her on many levels.” Lucy’s husband.

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